Hello! we’re PCN.
Preston’s Community Network

We represent and support the voice of the community sector to create one that is equal and fair for all.

Setting up?

To support the building of safe and secure projects and services, our members have access to template policy documents in our members area. 

You will find really useful links to support you in setting up your community organisation!

Need funding?

If your community group is looking for or applying for funding, PCN can provide information on a range of different funding streams and can offer support and expert advice on submitting the best possible application. 

We can help with getting your project funding ready and support you with community consultation!

Need to connect?

We connect and advocate on behalf of your group or organisation and can support you in meeting with funders or statutory service providers locally.

We hold four networking events a year. Each quarter our members come together, listen to a guest speaker and network with each other!

PCN Mission

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What's happening?

Upcoming Events

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Training Sessions

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Job Positions

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What do we do?

We are an infrastructure support organisation, supporting our members to bring about social action and inspire positive change for Preston communities.

Connected & Engaged.

We support Prestonians of all ages, faiths and ethnicities to connect, discuss and solve issues locally. We help funders and local authorities to connect with the communities that need to be reached.

Empowerment to the People.

We advocate - This means that we give organisations and groups the best possible advice for them to make their own decisions. 

We do this through our meet advice, training, funder events, connecting members and local government or health bodies.

Find & Understand Funding.

We have access to a number of funding databases and regular contact with funders who make small or large grants to organisations in Preston. 

Our members can access funding bid writing sessions, links to e-learning videos and great suggestions to inform your bid.

Training & Governance.

If you are just setting up then some groups may need developmental support. PCN assist our members by helping to strengthen their operational practice; by giving access to training, template policies and governance support. 

We are here to support your organisation to grow stronger and better.

Why become a member?

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The Dashboard

This is the control centre for your profile. You can list your organisations updates and see updates from across the network. It’s a bit like Facebook, but for community organisations. You can chat with other members and link in to exciting work digitally!

Community Resolution Hub

A digital notice board for our sector. This is an innovative call and response system for our members to use when they need a little help. We don’t mean for volunteers or jobs (that’s another part of the dashboard) but for if you need a meeting room, or to ask if anyone has a Phillips screwdriver you could borrow until Wednesday…. then why not ask the network!

The Shared Knowledge Hub


We have lots of templates to download if you are just getting set up as a new organisation. Why spend hours writing GDPR policies when you could access links to e-learning and download our PCN templates to adapt and use for your work.


Strong governance underpins really good community work. We can support you in finding the right structure for your work or organisation and have access to links for e-learning.


With government legislation and policy changes, we would let our members know here of anything that may impact their organisation and what they need to be aware of. There are links to a number of National and regional health strategies, Office of National Statistics data and other documents that we find super interesting!

New members

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