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Delivering HIV awareness workshops to community services (staff and service users) and healthcare services. Implementing new working practices in general healthcare services. Acting as liaison between HIV issues in the workplace, personal relationships and social detriments. Main members available for training: Peter Donoghoe Austin Mortimer Jane Altham David Williams (weekends only). The benefits of the awareness session offer a greater insight into the virus and how it is being treated and perceived by the general public in more recent years. The training is beneficial even to those who have had training before as new information and breakthroughs occur each year. The session also offers an insight into other minority groups such as the MSM and BAME communities, along with new emerging data in heterosexual statistics. It is also a good CV builder for those wishing to attain awareness on minority communities and current inequalities such as 70% of those being diagnosed with HIV in the UK are also diagnosed with a mental health condition 12 months post diagnosis. Thus indicating the need for a holistic partnership working in a multi-agency style approach to provide that temporary support but on an emergency basis, whilst these individuals may rely on community services. Lancashire Voice only wishes to provide a middle ground for issues in the workplace and cannot be a part of any ongoing legal matters. Lancashire Voice only wishes to have a voice, for those who feel they don't have one, to educate and share knowledge and understanding for lone individuals or full work places. The sessions are endorsed by Renaissance UK and commissioned by Lancashire County Council. The training was also approved by The Lancashire Sexual Healthcare specialist Nurses association. The training sessions are free and the group is ran on a voluntary basis through Renaissance UK to services across Lancashire.

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